An Introduction

This is my second semester at SJSU so I am really excited to be moving past the basic required courses and getting to have more choice in what I study. The hyperlinked library is actually the only class I am taking that isn’t directly related to youth librarianship. I am really excited about having this class be a bit different though. I had an intensive class last term and really liked the format which is what initially attracted me to this class but I am also excited to learn about how new technologies are being used in libraries. I believe that this is an important part of providing the best service to library patrons as it can be a way to reach people who do not use traditional library services and provide them with information that may be otherwise hard for them to access. I also think it is an important part of youth librarianship, kids are becoming more and more comfortable with technology. I remember first learning to use a computer in preschool but now there are special apps designed for babies to play with on ipads. I think a big part of libraries remaining interesting or even relevant to youth will revolve around their ability to stay on top of new technologies.

On a more personal note I am currently living in La Grande Oregon but will be moving back to San Pedro California once my fince finishes his bachelor’s degree this March. We will be moving in with my Grandmother to help take care of her and also to plan our wedding. In the mean time I spend most of my free time either volunteering at the local public library or in the kitchen.

An Introduction

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