Director’s Brief on 3D Printers

The link that follows is my Director’s Brief, I chose to do it about 3D printers as I have had a bit of a fascination with them for a while. It was one of the first “cool” new technologies I read about being Incorporated into libraries and I love what they represent as a departure from what some people see as old stale libraries to  libraries that not only have a great selection of knowledge available but that also function as a creative and social space. More importantly I chose to do it on 3D printers because I thought they were unobtainable for the library where I currently volunteer, that as cool as they are the technology wouldn’t be a good fit for the local library. However, I was recently reflecting on some discussions I have had with friends who have attended/are attending the local college about the lack of connection between the college and the larger local community when I realized that 3D printers in the local public library were an amazing opportunity to connect students to the larger community around them. This new technology is a way of encouraging them to use the local library more, attend more library events, and even volunteer at the library. This is all better explained actually in my brief but overall was just an amazing realization about the true impact technology in libraries can have on their community.

Director’s Brief


Director’s Brief on 3D Printers

2 thoughts on “Director’s Brief on 3D Printers

  1. Tash W says:

    @cferrellI came back to your Director’s brief because I read your summary in your symposium “best of ” blog. I had NO idea some of the concerns for 3D printers were that people would use them inappropriately for sex toys or drug tools? Oh silly me. That being said, your plan is very well thought out. There are a lot of things I never even thought about regarding how to implement 3D printers and printing in the library such as cost and pick up policies. Great job! 🙂


    1. Caitlin Ferrell says:

      @tashw I didn’t really think about the whole sex toy drug paraphernalia thing until I saw it mentioned in an article but I was talking to a friend about 3D printers and one of his first questions was what do you do if someone prints a sex toy?


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