Reflective Practice

Future Librarian
Future Librarian

While I am not yet a librarian the classes I have taken so far have taught me a lot about what kind of librarian I will be. Before I ever took a class I knew I could make a difference as a librarian information is a powerful thing and I hoped by connecting people to the right information I could improve their lives even if it’s only in a small way. Now that I am studying to be a librarian I see all kinds of opportunities for ways to make that a reality. One of the first things I have realized about myself is against censorship I am and how as a librarian I will do everything in my power to keep books and materials on the shelves for the people they will benefit rather than allow them to be taken away by those who fear them. I also realized I have a much stronger interest in technology. In my personal life I am not very technologically advanced I still have the same Ipod I received for Christmas in the eighth grade, my solution to most tech support problems is to pout at one of my guy friends until they fix it, and despite my buddy’s best efforts I will never be a gamer because I can’t make Steam work on my laptop. However, despite being a bit behind the times in my personal life I am fascinated by technology for libraries. I am currently plotting out which Kindle to get so that I can familiarize myself with their use to better help future patrons enjoy their e-readers. I desperately want to see library maker spaces in action particularly one with a 3D printer. In this class I believe I have learned a lot about the benefits of new technology and how to best use this technology to serve your community. Overall I think a lot of what I have learned about myself can be summed up by what we discussed in the collaborative session today with Char Booth. When I become a librarian I will need to look for people who are allies in moving the library forward and find ways to deal with people whose vision of library doesn’t line up with my own either compromising or finding a way to move forward without them. I am young and enthusiastic about working in the library and I hope I will work with people who appreciate that but I am also ready to work hard to show people what I have to offer.

Reflective Practice

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