Symposium: Best of Blog Posts!

InstaBooks with the Magic Pen
InstaBooks with the Magic Pen


When I think about what I have written three things stand out to me as my best moments for this class. The first personal best would be my most fun to learn about post which was my book report. The next would be the post that sparked the best comments and discussion which goes to my Magic Pen post and lastly my biggest realization which was sparked by my directors brief. In this reflection I will link to those posts and explain why I think they are so great.

To start with I think this is just a super fun book to read but what really stood out to me where all the interviews in the book as well as the author’s descriptions of people in the field of library science. The realization that these people will be my professional peers, once I finish my degree and actually start working that is, was so inspiring. Throughout there are people Johnson profiles as those who are inspirational figures who are the movers and shakers that guide the rest of us, but she also profiles librarians who are changing the world in smaller ways such as the librarians spreading information through second life. Seeing both these big name librarians and relatively anonymous leave their mark on the world of library science is a real kick in the pants. The book also profiles librarians who did or are facing resistance to these changes and how they still fight to improve things. That ties in really well with the need for wholeheartedness in the library something I aspire to.

This is the post that inspired some great comments and my favorite discussion of the magic pen. I really loved discussing new ideas for magic pen technology with @tashw and @susanmusson (hopefully that actually tags you guys cause you’re awesome!). Inspired by the pen used in the Cooper Hewitt Museum I started day dreaming uses for this technology in the library and in the comments these ideas were expanded on. This was a really fun discussion but also very interesting, I think we may have hit on some ideas that will eventually become a reality. Having a device to create reading lists in the library, checks if a book is available at your local library for you, or helps link books to your Goodreads all sound like good ideas to me!

This was a really interesting project for me. I always get excited about new technology and therefore kind of feared I’d be someone who wanted technology for technology’s sake rather than really making sure it was a good fit. So I was over cautious in my first thoughts on the possibility of having a 3D printer in the local library where I am currently volunteering thinking that if they had the money it would surely be better spent elsewhere. However this class changed my mind. Seeing all the focus on how changing library services and spaces can bring in different aspects of the community made me dream up a proposal that not only incorporated new technology but also emphasized bringing together the students at the local college and the local community through the library. For the most part there is little encouragement for students to really involve themselves in community matters and a program linking college students to the library could be a first step in changing that in a way that benefits the college, the library and the larger community.


Lastly I just wanted to give an honorable mention to my blog post on Instagram that was also a fun assignment but I particularly enjoyed being able to connect the service I was discussing to the blog post in the form of a screen cap of an Instagram post I made inspired by the emerging technology assignment. This is what inspired the image I used for this post which is myself conjuring books with my magic pen.

Symposium: Best of Blog Posts!

7 thoughts on “Symposium: Best of Blog Posts!

    1. Caitlin Ferrell says:

      @susanmusson Yay thanks for letting me know. I made my own magic pen for the photo but since it’s paper taped to a fork I doubt I’ll ever get it to work. It’s still floating around my apartment someplace though since I misplaced it. If I ever get a real magic pen I will certainly let you know and keep much better track of it.


  1. Tash W says:

    @cferrell Yay for the magic pen! I LOVE your instagram of your own version of the magic pen. You must know if you either create one (because I offer to test the prototype) or you find one cause I want to know where to get one too!

    I really liked your idea of doing your symposium of a “Best of..” blog. Because I missed your Director’s Brief and was able to go back! 🙂


    1. Caitlin Ferrell says:

      I’m so glad this worked I was originally planning on doing a video but i thought this format worked better for discussing my favorite discussion since I could tag the people I was talking about as well as post the link to the conversation.


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