A Final Reflection on The Class

The first thing that garnered my interest in this class was the fact that it is an intensive course. I think intensives are a fun challenge and I enjoy when my course load suddenly is easier because I’ve finished a class. Next I saw it was taught by professor Stevens which intrigued me as I had a professor the previous term that used some of his lectures which I enjoyed. My initial motivations for taking this class were not as much inspired by the subject matter as they should have been. I still don’t think of myself as being particularly technologically savvy I know I do alright but I was a bit apprehensive that this class would turn out to be a little over my head. Now I am so glad that I have taken this class, I proved to myself that I can keep up on discussion of relevant technology and it’s inspired me to work on becoming more technologically relevant myself. Learning about the amazing ways technology is bringing people together and reshaping library services to better meet the needs of the community has shown me I shouldn’t shy away from technology. I was also really inspired by the collaborate session with Char Booth. One of my biggest fears is being hired by a library and then having no power to help bring about positive change because I’m the new guy without practical experience. Hearing her advice about how to work with my future coworkers to achieve my goals was really helpful because I have heard from other students that their ideas have been shut down before they really had a chance to explain themselves. In addition to having one of my favorite collaborate session this class also had some really fun and interesting discussion. I particularly had fun discussing the magic pen but I has also other fun and funny discussion in the comments of the blog posts I really enjoyed getting to have some less serious discussion and getting to know more about my classmates on a more personal level. All in all while my initial reasons for taking this class may not have been the best I am so glad I took this class.

A Final Reflection on The Class

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