a Pizza the Size of the Sun


Prelutsky, J., & Stevenson, J. (1996). A pizza the size of the sun: Poems. New York, NY: Greenwillow Books.

ISBN: 0-688-13235-9

This is a very silly collection of poems for readers age 8-12. Jack Prelutsky writes great absurd poems that are laugh out loud funny. While many consider his books to be a classic example of children’s poetry he is not as well known as Shel Silverstein though their books are great read-alikes. The poems in this book very in length with some only being four lines long and others taking two pages in the book. All of the poems are illustrated with pictures that correspond to the poem with a few interacting with the poem itself such as Gloppe’s Soup Shop which is illustrated so that the flavors of soup, including delicacies such as “rutabaga bacon barracuda bran”, appear to be printed on the soup shop’s sign. There is also A Dizzy Little Duzzle which becomes it’s own art at it is presented in a serpentine pattern. These are great poems for reading aloud at library events and are a great suggestion for students looking for poems to memorize for class. The varied length of the poems is particularly helpful here as students are often required to memorize a specific number of lines. Jack Prelutsky has written several collections of poems including The New Kid on the Block and Something Big has Been Here. Any of his books would be a great addition to poetry lists for elementary and middle school students.

a Pizza the Size of the Sun

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