Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary

Cover Art from:
Cover Art from:

Myers, W. (1993). Malcolm X: By any means necessary : A biography. New York, NY: Scholastic.

ISBN: 9780590481090

While this biography is a little older by non-fiction standards it is still a great resource because it does not look dated having a simple bold cover, and is written by Walter Dean Myers a popular author for tweens and teens. Walter Dean Myer’s website lists this book for ages 12 and older or grades 7-12, which surprised me. By comparison this book is listed on Barnes and Noble as being for readers age 10-14 putting at mid tween to early teen reading level. This rating is more reflective of the content of the book rather than the language so vocabulary wise younger readers may enjoy this book. The book is about the life of Malcolm X and uses photographs as well as scans of important documents for visual interest and help readers better understand what is happening in the book. The book also features a timeline where one side of the page lists important events in the United States with many of these events being related to the civil rights movement, and the other side listing important events in Malcolm X’s life. The book also has a bibliography helping readers find further resources and an index. This is a great resource for school reports due to the way the book is set up to enhance understanding as well as being easy to navigate for readers looking for information about a specific point in Malcolm X’s life. This book is also good for reading for fun though and non-fiction and history fans will appreciate the overall set up and narrative style of the book.

This book is a great choice for use in programing and displays related to the Civil Rights Movement or Black History month. It would also be a good addition to book lists of non-fiction titles for tweens. I would also suggest this book to fans of Walter Dean Myers and it could be used in a display of his books, he passed away in July 2014 so such a display could be done in honor of his memory or done in August to celebrate his birthday.

Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary

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