Marie Dancing

Cover Art from:

Meyer, C. (2005). Marie, dancing. Orlando, FL: Gulliver Books/Harcourt.

ISBN: 978-0-15-205879-1

Carolyn Meyer is a popular author for tween and teens she has written for the Dear America series and Royal Diaries series that are popular for tweens as well as having written her own teen series Young Royals. She has also written other stand alone historical fiction books including this title. In this book Meyer tells the story of Marie the model for Edgar Degas’ statue Little Dancer Aged Fourteen. In the Story Marie is only happy when she is on stage, she has a troubled home life including an alcoholic mother but she dreams of being with her true love of escaping poverty and becoming the star of the ballet. Sadly Marie does not achieve her dreams making this a sad but fascinating story. This book is great for readers looking for something a bit more mature than the Dear America or similar books but aren’t quite ready for more mature books. According to Barnes and Noble the age for reading this book is 12 but i would argue it is more along the lines of 10-13. This book will definitely be more appealing to girls as is most of Meyers work but I could see some male fans of historical fiction still enjoying it especially if they have a particular interest in the time period. I would further recommend it for readers that love dance especially ballet.

Marie Dancing

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