Wolverine Worst Day Ever

Cover Art from: amazon.com
Cover Art from: amazon.com

Lyga, B., & Boschi, R. (2009). Wolverine: Worst day ever. New York, NY: Marvel Entertainment.

ISBN: 978-0-7851-3757-3

This is a great book for tween that are just getting into graphic novels. The author Barry Lyga is also popular among teens particularly for his book The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl. The first part of the book is set up as the blog of Eric, a new student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Students. Eric interacts with many of the X-Men particularly Wolverine and Professor X. It has a great balance of introducing new characters and featuring the mutants that readers already know.  Eric believes he has the lamest super power ever, he is practically invisible. Unfortunately his superpower is not invisibility it is that he is un-noticeable. Even when he is yelling and waving his hands he is hard to see and hear and if he stands still it’s pretty much impossible to know if he’s there. Even Professor X has a hard time keeping track of Eric. The blog posts also feature a lot of graphic novel style art that has been drawn by Eric, this art work helps illustrate what he is talking about in the blog. The art work does depict some violence but does not feature blood and gore. The blog specifically refers to cleaning up some of the pictures to not gross out the readers. This can also make it a good suggestion for readers who have parents that want to limit their exposure to violence as a bit of a compromise.

The second part of the book consists of three short comics featuring Wolverine and the power pack. The power pack consists of four young siblings who gained super powers in an alien encounter. Having the book divided between the blog story and the three comics gives the book both the appeal of a science fiction novel and a graphic novel. This book was shelved in the graphic novel section of my local library and is published by Marvel so despite the beginning being set up in a narrative style I would still feature it on tween graphic novel lists and use it for graphic novel displays. Free Comic Book day is coming up soon, May 2 2015, and graphic novel displays are a great way to gain interest in related library events. Having a graphic novel or comic book drawing event for tweens would also be a fun idea for programing and could also use a graphic novel display to garner interest leading up to the event.

Wolverine Worst Day Ever

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