The Great God Pan

Cover Art from:
Cover Art from:

Napoli, D. (2003). The great god Pan. New York, NY: Wendy Lamb Books.

ISBN: 0-385-32777-3

This book is a retelling of Greek Mythology specifically it combines the stories of Pan and Iphigenia at the start of the Trojan War and fills in the parts of the myth that has been lost to time. This novel is listed as being for ages 12-15 as it references sex in several places but I believe that because it is not graphic it can still be appropriate for some younger readers. This book is right on the edge between tween and teen. I thought it was a great addition as it can be linked to the popularity of fairy tales retold as well as be a good read alike for readers who are a little to young but interested in the work of  Francesca Lia Block who is famous for her modern myths retold. This could also be a good suggestion for any fans of Greek mythology as well as readers who may be interested in the topic after reading books like Percy Jackson. This would be a great book to include in book lists or displays of books based on Greek mythology as well as retold fairy tales. The shared fantasy genre and familiarity of the myths and fairy tales make this a great display and likely to be a popular choice.

The story begins with Pan talking to his father Hermes about the upcoming war and the involvement of the gods. Pan does not wish to deal with the meeting of the gods and goes off on his own where he meets and falls in love with Iphigenia. As the story unfolds Pan tries to accept the fact that he is in love with her and figure out how to win her love. Many of the other Greek gods are featured in the book particularly Apollo who Pan challenges to a music contest. Ultimately Pan sacrifices his own life to save Iphigenia from being sacrificed herself to allow her fathers fleet of ships to sail off to war.

The Great God Pan

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