“Who Could That Be at This Hour?”

Cover Art from: lemonysnicketlibrary.com
Cover Art from: lemonysnicketlibrary.com

Snicket, L. (2012). “Who Could That Be at This Hour?” New York, NY: Little, Brown and Company.

Isbn: 978-0-316-12308-2


This is a great mystery for readers age 8-18. This is the first book in a new series by Snicket and is a particularly good book for fans of A Series of Unfortunate Events as it tells the story of Lemony Snicket. The writing is very much the same in the two series so readers that were frustrated by the way information is revealed in A Series of Unfortunate Events will remain frustrated but at times that frustration is a big part of the fun of reading Snicket’s books. In this book we find that Lemony Snicket has graduated from some mysterious school and is now being partnered with a mentor the mysterious and possibly inept Theodora. They have been hired to recover a stolen statue but Lemony is not convinced the statue was really stolen in the first place and that they have been set up to steal it from the rightful owners. Now he and a few new friends must figure out who wants the statue and why. In addition to solving this mystery Lemony is also faced with the trouble of inadvertently abandoning his partner in the middle of trying to solve another mystery. The story ends on a cliff hanger with the statue missing and Lemony’s mysterious other partner reviled to be his sister though readers are still not sure what exactly the siblings are up to. This is also a good reccomendation for reluctant readers as it features larger text and some illustrations. The artwork in the book is very nicely done by Seth (no last name given) in a pallet of blue, black, and white adding to the mysterious feel of the book. Additionally this would be a great book to feature on book lists or book displays of tween mysteries.  There are currently three books in the series with the latest being “Shouldn’t you be in school?” all of the tiles are posed in the form of questions and the series is known collectively as the All the Wrong Questions series.

“Who Could That Be at This Hour?”

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