Dig into History Magazine

(2015, April). Dig into History

This is a fun magazine for tweens that focuses on history and archeology. I specifically read the April 2015 issue that was centered on money titled Dollars and Sense. It was interesting to see how the articles covered a wide array of historical periods as well as different geographic areas. The article did also cover some current events such as the article about bitcoins a pretty new currency. I also enjoyed the first article in that issue What if which was written by Sylvia Whitman who is the author of the young adult novel The Milk of the Birds named one of the twenty five Notable Books for a Global Society by the International Reading Association. The article set up the rest of the issue well as it wondered what the world would be like in a world without money a question that was answered in some of the later articles. I also found it interesting that the magazine mentioned her book. The magazine also featured a few regular features including two characters that star in comics in the magazine Calliope and Dr. Dig. The magazine also featured a question and answer area that answers questions sent in by readers on a variety of topics. The magazine also features a This & That section that referenced past issues including contests that readers can enter.

This is a great resource for tweens looking for educational magazines or those who have a particular interest in history. This could also be a great resource for school projects as the specialized topics and short articles can make finding more specific information easier. The magazine also features a lot of photos and artwork that can help enhance student’s understanding of the topic and make it more enjoyable to study. However this is only true if you can find the topic you need.

Dig into History Magazine

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