Irish Fairy Tales and Legends


Cover Art from:
Cover Art from:

Leavy, U., & Field, S. (1996). Irish fairy tales and legends. Boulder, CO: Roberts Rinehart.

ISBN: 1-57098-177-9

This is an interesting collection of Irish stories. One of the great things about this book is the section titled something about these stories in the back of the book that explains the origins of the stories. Many of the stories feature well known figures in Irish legend such as the Fianna a band of fierce warriors. This section also provides some history for the stories describing for readers the time period that they represent like the story of Tir Na N-OG which tells the story of the end of the Fianna which represents an end to magic and the belief in the Pagan Gods in Ireland and the coming of Christianity. Many of these stories offer some type of explanation such as The Giant’s Causeway which is a story about the character Fionn Mac Cumhail, another reoccurring hero in Irish lore, and also an explanation of the strange rock formation known as the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland. This is a book for younger tweens with large print and many lovely illustrations but it is also not a full picture book making it a better choice for tweens who don’t want to read a “baby book”. This is a great resource for school projects that center on finding folk tales from different countries as well as a fun book for tweens who have an interest in folk tales. I would definitely include this book on a book list of tween folk tales and think it would be a great addition to an Irish themed display for St. Patrick’s day.

Irish Fairy Tales and Legends

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