Cover Art from:
Cover Art from:

Myers, W. (2013). Invasion. New York, NY: Scholastic Press.

ISBN: 9780545384292

This is an interesting war novel. It is listed as being for readers age 12-17 but I can see older tweens enjoying the story I wouldn’t suggest it to readers younger than ten though. This book is set during WWII and corresponds with two other novels by Meyers that take place during the Vietnam War and in modern Fallujah after the attacks of September 11. These two novels are listed as being for teens but i read Fallen Angels, the Vietnam book, when I was 11 and loved it. I believe that children in military families or with family or friends who have served that know a bit about war will enjoy these books even though they are a bit younger. My father served in Vietnam which is what drew me to Fallen Angels and i found that the book reminded me of how he and his friends spoke about the war. All three books have a realistic plot so there is quite a bit of violence but the stories really focus on how the soldiers interact with each other. All three stories feature characters from the same family. Fallen Angels and Sunrise Over Fallujah feature main characters from the Perry family while in Invasion the story is from the perspective of Josiah Wedgewood with Marcus Perry only making a few appearances.

This book is unique because the military was still segregated during WWII. While Josiah and Marcus know each other from back home they aren’t exactly friends they are very friendly when they run into each other in Europe because they share their memories of home. Josiah is one of the soldiers on the front lines during D-day so the book only spans a few days but due to the style of warfare the action seems to last much longer. The story focuses a lot on how the characters work together to survive and how their experiences change them. I really like how the books do not seek to either glorify or demonize war there are both heroic moments and dark moments that the characters face.

I would highly recommend this book to tweens who have family that served in WWII or in any war. Additionally I think this would be a great book for a display on WWII particularly one that corresponded to D-day. Lastly this is a more masculine historical fiction book which can be a bit harder to find so I would be sure to include it on any tween historical fiction lists.


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