The Red Pyramid

Cover Art from:
Cover Art from:

Riordan, R. (2010). The Red Pyramid. New York, NY: Disney/Hyperion.

ISBN: 978-142311338-6

This is the first book in one of Riordan’s other series. While the Kane Chronicles are not quite as popular as the Percy Jackson series they are still very popular with tweens. This series follows two siblings Sadie and Carter Kane. At the beginning of the book the siblings barely know each other, since their mother’s death six years ago they’ve only seen each other twice a year. They seemingly have nothing in common. They don’t even look alike Carter looks like his father, dark skinned and a little nerdy, while Sadie is fair skinned with an edgy style. This changes when their father blows up the British Museum and disappears sending them on a wild adventure. They soon learn they are descended from pharaohs, even more than that they are currently hosting two of the five gods their father released. They set out to save their father but soon realize there is so much more at stake. In the end they must sacrifice their dad so that he can take the place of Orisis and restore order to the underworld. The book ends with the siblings committing themselves to restore order between the gods and the Earth to prevent it’s destruction.

This is a great read alike for the Percy Jackson series. Beyond that it is also great for tweens with an interest in ancient Egypt. It would be really interesting to create a display that incorporated both fiction and non-fiction about ancient Egypt for the tween book area. Ancient Egypt is an area of history that tweens are frequently interested in. Libraries in metropolitan areas can also use this type of display to correspond with visiting exhibits at local museums. This could also be done with other areas of history to correspond with other visiting exhibits or with school field trips to local museums. If a student has recently learned about at topic and it’s perked their interest having the display right there in the library will be likely to catch their eye even if they come in looking for something else or only planning to work on schoolwork.

The Red Pyramid

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