Basic Student Research Center

Basic Student Research Center. Ebsco Host, n.d. Web.

While this resource has one of the most boring names ever it is a great way to introduce tweens to databases. Using databases is an important tool in higher education so the sooner students start using them the easier time they will have in research heavy classes later. This database is powered by Ebsco host and  operates like a standard database with a few added features and a more simplified format. For example the database features pictures next to each type of resource adding visual help for younger tweens and making it easy for students to figure out how to limit their search to specific types of data. There is still an advanced search option for students who are more confident in their searching abilities. The database also helps younger students by allowing them to limit their search results by reading level. The database also helps you refine your search by listing the subjects found by your search term. This allows students to learn how to come up with more specific search terms in the future by seeing the more specific subjects their original term found.

This would be a great opportunity to work with local schools to help students and showcase what the library has to offer. Having a librarian come to local classrooms to show students how to use the database along with other library resources can help students with their schoolwork and promote the library at the same time. Librarians can reach out to local schools and offer to come visit classes and give a demonstration on how to use different online resources from the library as well as discuss what type of help is available within the library. There are a lot of students that don’t realize how much librarians can help them. This could work well with a class that has a big project coming up. The librarian can demonstrate how to use the database to look up information for the project as well as discuss resources available at the library. This presentation can also end with a brief overview of some of the more fun resources offered by the library and be followed up by a book display in the library relating to the topic. This way students who follow through and utilize the library as a resource for the project will have an easier time following what they need and hopefully come back for the fun events and resources mentioned as well.



Basic Student Research Center

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