Treasury of Egyptian Mythology

Cover Art from:
Cover Art from:

Napoli, D., & Balit, C. (2013). Treasury of Egyptian mythology: Classic stories of gods, goddesses, monsters & mortals. Washington DC: National Geographic.

ISBN: 978-1-4263-1360-6

This is a great resource for tweens interested in the mythology of ancient Egypt. There are many different versions of Egyptian myths as well as multiple names for the gods in these myths and this book does a great job of informing the readers of some of the different versions while keeping one clear narrative, Further the book is divided into sections about each god covered allowing readers to either read the complete book as a narrative story or read about a specific god. The book is full of beautiful artwork and also features lots of interesting facts about ancient Egypt and the gods in little blurbs next to the illustrations and in boxes in the main text. This book is listed as being for ages 8-12 which i think suits the book perfectly. I can easily see tweens reading this both for fun and for school as it is very informative but the narrative style makes it very intriguing and easy to read cover to cover. I also think this is a great resource as it is one that can be familiar to tweens in a few ways, first it is published by National Geographic which most tweens will trust as quality resource. Secondly it is written by Donna Jo Napoli so some of her fans may come across this book and read it for fun or choose it over other books about Egypt because they recognize her name. Lastly the cover and the artwork is just really cool, it’s a larger book so it stands out on a shelf and is really inviting for readers to pick up.

I think this is a great book to use in book displays. As I mentioned before because of it’s size and the artwork it really stands out and will help draw attention to any display. It would be great as a center book on a display about Egypt or Egyptian mythology and could be created to support an Egyptian exhibit at a local museum. It would also make a great display centered around the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. Readers can see how there are multiple versions of the myths and which correspond to Riordan’s version of events and which are different and they can learn more about their favorite gods and goddesses from the book. There is also a Treasury of Greek Mythology so a similar display could be done for the Percy Jackson series. Additionally both books could be part of a display about differnt types of mythology.

Treasury of Egyptian Mythology

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