Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted [Motion picture]. (2004). Miramax Home Entertainment.

I chose to focus on movies that are based on books that are popular among tweens for this project. I did this because these are movie choices that will remain popular for years to come. I would also suggest that librarians talk to the tweens that are coming to movie night events to find out which new movies they are interesting in seeing at the library. This way tweens get to see what they want and the library has a mix of new and classic movies for their collection and movie nights. Movie nights are a fun event for tweens and can be big events with games, trivia and discussion before the screening or simpler affairs where tweens enjoy a relaxing night having popcorn and hanging out with their friends.

Ella Enchanted is a fun movie for tweens it is geared more towards girls but has a lot of action in it as well with Ella facing off against trolls and other evil doers on her quest to rid herself of her blessing. Ella is living in a fairytale world and because of this she has a fairy god mother who bestows her with a blessing when she is born. Unfortunately her blessing of obedience turns out to be more of a curse as she is forced to obey every command she is given. This gets worse when her step mother and step sisters show their wicked side and downright deadly when she is commanded to kill the prince. She is finally able to break the curse saving the prince and allowing them to live happily ever after. The movie is very fun and silly and will be a big hit with tweens who enjoy fairy tales and shows like Grimm and Once Upon a Time.

Ella Enchanted

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