Fortunately the Milk

Cover Art from:
Cover Art from:

Gaiman, N., & Young, S. (2013). Fortunately, the milk. New York, NY: Harper Collins.

ISBN: 9780062224071

Neil Gaiman is very popular among tweens for his creepy stories like Coraline but he has also written great funny books. Fortunately the Milk is recommended for tweens ages 8-12 and is really funny. Any tween who has a parent that loves to tell stories will love this story about a dad’s wild adventure to get milk for his children’s cereal. This book is about a wild adventure features many favorite story elements including dinosaurs, pirates, ponies, piranhas, and some twilight-esque vampires. Their dad loses the milk on a few occasions but is not only able to recover it he uses it to save the earth from aliens. The book also features a lot of great artwork making it particularly good for younger tweens, reluctant readers and tweens who are learning English as a second language in addition to any tween that loves cool artwork. This is a short story which also makes it a great recommendation for tweens looking for a quick read.

Fortunately the Milk

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