Ha Ha Moustache Card Game

I decided to pick a card game rather than a video game or board game for a few reasons. The first is I am not at all familiar with what video games are currently popular with tweens and while I had hoped to use this class as a way to remedy that I had a hard time finding information about tween gaming most of what i found was more centered on older or younger youth and nothing that I found really stood out to me as being for tweens specifically. So that is one area I will have to continue to explore. I know board games are becoming more popular in libraries and though I do like the idea  thought this card game would be more interesting to write about as it may be less known. There is also the added bonus that if you lose one, or a few, of the cards from this game you can keep playing while losing board game pieces tends to be more problematic.

The game is easy to play two or more players take turns drawing a moustache from the deck. The person who drew the card holds it up to their face and then reads off clues from the back of the card until someone guesses who’s moustache is on the card. Each of the clues is worth between one and five points with the first clue being more obscure and valuable and later clues getting more obvious and less valuable. The person who guessed correctly then becomes the reader and the first person to get 15 points wins the game. I personally played a little different where we went in a circle and played through the whole deck with the person getting the most points winning. The game is easy to customize due to the simple rules. There are three different versions of Ha Ha Moustache: Living People Edition, Dead People Edition, and Awful People Edition. Each edition features a mix of both real and fictional people’s moustaches from pop culture, history and sports giving players with different knowledge bases different advantages.

Ha Ha Moustache says it is for ages 14 and up on the box but I think that younger players will enjoy it a lot too. I believe it is listed as being for older players because some of the people referenced on the cards are somewhat dated references that younger players may not get. Alternatively, there are also more recent references older players may not get which evens the playing field a bit. I also think that it will appeal to older tweens simply due to the fact that moustaches are trending with that age group and its a goofy game. This is a game that can be used in the library for a few quick rounds when tweens are waiting to be picked up or for a library program to start.; or can be checked out and played with friends and family at home. One of the things I liked about the game is that it isn’t that expensive so if a significant number of cards go missing the library can easily afford to replace the game and can also combine the remaining cards from the first sets into one super mash up version that can be left out in the youth area of the library. This is a game that is fun when played with just two people or a large group and can be played for just a few rounds or until players go through the entire deck giving it great versatility.

Ha Ha Moustache Card Game

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