Apples to Apples (Game)

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Game Play: Each player draws five red cards with different nouns on them. Then one player draws a green card and the other players play the card they think makes the best comparison to the green card. They then draw another red card so that they always have five cards in their hand. The player that drew the green card acts as the judge for the round and picks the card they find to be the cleverest, funniest, or overall best match for the card. Then the player sitting next to them draws a card and the process repeats around the circle until the end of the game. The game can end once a player has amassed a chosen number of green cards, or when the players have played a set number of rounds or for set amount of time in which case the player with the most green cards wins.

Critical Evaluation: This game is a lot of fun because of how easily it can be customized. Players can chose to the end the game at different points of time allowing teens to choose if they want to play a short or long game. Additionally players can mix things up by playing with special rules. For example players can choose to play where after each round every player passes one card to their left. This allows players to rid themselves of cards they dislike or do not understand. There can be an additional rule that if a card is passed all the way around the circle it is then discarded. Players can also decide to up the ante playing two green cards at once and having each player pick the one red card they think best describes both to win two green cards. By having flexible rules and many potential combinations of cards, the game remains entertaining even when teens have played it many times.

Player’s Annotation: Make fun and funny comparisons to win cards in this fun card game.

Age Range: This is a game for ages twelve and up making it perfect for older tweens and teens.

Challenge Issues: I am not aware of any reasons why this game would be challenged.

Practical Issues: This game would be easy to store as it comes in its own box and easy to care for since the game can still be played even if a card or two is lost.

Why is it included?: With my game choices for this materials list I tried to choose games that could be played in the library either by teens hanging out or as part of a library game night. This would be the easiest of the games I have chosen to add to a library collection and is also a great choice because teens can choose to play just a few rounds or a whole game.

Apples to Apples (Game)

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