Easy A (Movie)

Movie Art from: imdb.com
Movie Art from: imdb.com

Easy A [Motion picture]. (2010). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Plot Summary: When Olive lies about sleeping with her gay friend so that he won’t be teased, she begins to get a reputation for being easy. She takes advantage of this and begins charging boys for her services. She never actually has sex with anyone in the movie but charges boys for the ability to say they have hooked up with her. She quickly gains notoriety at her school but loses her best friend. When the boyfriend of the most religious girl in school contracts an STD he blames Olive who finally comes clean about what she has really been doing. Once she clears her reputation she is also then able to date the guy she likes.

Critical Evaluation: The movie is meant to be a modern interpretation of The Scarlett Letter, some viewers find this to be a more apt comparison than others. The movie and book do share the themes of the importance of reputation and the damaging power of secrets. In the movie Olive’s change in reputation seems to make her more popular in some ways but it also separates her from her best friend and isolates her from some of the other students. When Olive first starts lying about sleeping with guys she thinks it is harmless, it even helps her friend out. As the lies spread she begins having a harder time controlling what is said about her. It spirals completely out of control when she is accused of giving a classmate a STD. When she finally reveals the truth she reveals not only her own lies but the lies of that student and the staff member who he actually got the STD from, hurting more people. While these are some deep themes for a teen movie everything is handled very humorously.

Viewer’s Annotation: When one rumor snowballs into web of deceit will Olive embrace it or try to save her reputation.

Genre: Comedy

Curriculum Ties: This movie is a modern take on The Scarlett Letter and be compared to the book that inspired it.

Discussion Ideas: 1) Have you read The Scarlett Letter if so how does it compare to the movie?

2) Why does Olive allow the rumors to continue for so long?

Movie rating & Interest Level: The movie is rated PG-13 so it is appropriate for most high school students and the characters are relate-able for that age group as well.

Challenge Issues: The movie discusses sex as a main part of the plot however, it is not graphic and is done so in a way that allows it to maintain a PG-13 rating.

Why is it included?: I think this is a fun teen movie it can be an interesting movie to discuss but it can also be good for a more casual library movie night. Additionally, Emma Stone is the star of the movie and is popular with teens.

Easy A (Movie)

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