Pitch Perfect (Movie)

Movie Art from: imdb.com
Movie Art from: imdb.com

Pitch perfect [Motion picture]. (2012). Universal Home Entertainment.

Plot Summary: The main character in the film Becca does not want to go to college she would rather be launching her career as a music producer. Her father makes a deal with her that if she joins a club, meets some people and still totally hates school she can drop out. So she joins the Bellas an a cappella singing group. She becomes friends with the other girls in the group and begins dating a boy from one of the school’s other a cappella groups. The film ends with the Bellas winning nationals and Becca deciding to stay in school.

Critical Evaluation: There is not a whole lot of plot to the movie. There is a little drama and a little romance and basically just enough plot to string the movie together. The main draw of the film is clearly the songs which are primarily huge pop hits and often done as mashups with other songs. One thing the movie does well other than the music is how the girls’ friendships evolve. The Bellas begin the movie as a pretty dysfunctional group but as the girls work together to improve their performances they also become friends and began to support each other. This gives the movie and uplifting tone. Overall the movie is really fun the characters have several mishaps and adventures on their way to their final performance and arrive at nationals as not only the underdogs but laughing stocks. Their final performance is really great though and features cool choreography making it a pronounced climatic point to the film.

Viewer’s Annotation: Becca does not want to go to college she wants to skip ahead to starting her career but when she joins the Bellas will their group convince her to stay?

Genre: Comedy/Music/Romance

Discussion Ideas: 1) what challenges do the Bellas have to overcome to compete?

2) How do Becca’s motivations for staying with the Bellas change throughout the film?

Movie rating & Interest Level: The movie is rated PG13 though I think the interest level is skewed towards older teens as it centrals around starting college and the challenges of making new friends and deciding on your future which older teens will be more able to relate to. However it is also popular with younger viewers because of all the popular songs.

Challenge Issues: This movie really sticks to its PG13 rating there is a little gross and raunchy humor but overall it is pretty mild.

Why is it included?: This is a popular teen movie, and the sequel recently came out giving it a resurgence in popularity. It is a fun movie because it combines popular music with a funny but relate-able plot.

Pitch Perfect (Movie)

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