Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (movie)

Movie Art from:
Movie Art from:

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world [Motion picture]. (2010). Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Plot Summary: This film covers the whole Scot Pilgrim graphic novel series, though it is not as detailed as the books. Scott is a young man who plays bass in a band and is a skilled fighter. It begins with Scott ditching his girlfriend Knives to begin dating Ramona Flowers. When he starts dating Ramona he has to fight her seven evil exes and each one is a better fighter than the last. Scott is able to defeat them all allowing him to win her heart.

Critical Evaluation: The movie is very fun and action packed but is does have some plot holes. While viewers are able to suspend disbelief about some of the comic book effects of Scott’s world and just accept that he is in a different reality some fans find it odd that the movie never really explains why Scott is such a good fighter. His reaction to discovering that he is going to have to fight seven evil exs indicates that this is not a normal occurrence even in a comic book style world so it is odd that he is so skilled against his opponents. This also surprises his friends so it is unclear how much fighting experience he even has. There are also some people that are not a fan of Michael Cera and feel he does not differentiate his characters enough and seems to play the same character over and over. While he does retain some of his signature acting style in this film over all Scott is more confident and less awkward than many of the characters Cera plays. The other characters are all well done and the movie features many actors who are popular with teens like Anna Kendrick and Aubery Plaza.

Viewer’s Annotation: Can Scott defeat Ramona’s seven evil exes and win her heart?

Genre: Comedy/Action

Discussion Ideas: 1) Which of the evil exes was your favorite?

2) How can viewers tell that Scott’s world is a separate universe from our own?

Movie rating & Interest Level: The movie is rated PG13 and even though the characters are primarily in their early twenties the film still holds a lot of interest to teens especially fans of the graphic novels.

Challenge Issues: The film does feature fighting and violence but much of this is done in an over the top cartoony way rather than a bloody or graphic way. Despite this violence the movie still got a PG13 rating so it should be appropriate for most teens.

Why is it included?: I think it would be really cool to have a teen library group read the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels and then watch the film. I also really like both the film and the graphic novels and know that both have remained popular with teens.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (movie)

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