1989 (CD)

Album Art from: taylorswift.com
Album Art from: taylorswift.com

Album Information: This is Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album and was released last year. This is her first fully pop album her previous albums had pop elements but where all considered country. The album debuted at number one on the billboard top two-hundred.

Critical Evaluation: Taylor Swift is known for her honest autobiographical song lyrics and this album is not exception. The lyrics on this album are a little more mature the songs focus on self-discovery while on her earlier albums she wrote more about first loves and relationships. “Shake it off” is one of the albums hit singles and is all about shaking off the negative things people say about you an idea many people can relate to. The album still has songs about relationships like “I Know Places” which uses the imagery of Swift and her boyfriend as foxes being chased by hunters that represent the paparazzi. This album features more electronic elements including the use of synthesizers. The album also uses Swifts own heartbeat to create the beat of one of the songs “Wildest Dreams”. While the album is a departure from Swifts previous albums it still has lyrics that teens and young adults relate to.

Listeners’ Annotation: Taylor Swift’s latest album features the same honest lyrics with a new pop sound.

Artist Information: Taylor Swift released her debut album in 2006 and quickly became a country star. She is known for her autobiographical lyrics and good girl image. This year she became the youngest woman to be featured on the Forbes one-hundred most powerful women list.

Genre: Pop

Discussion Ideas: 1) Which of Taylor Swifts songs do you relate to?

2) How do her songs set good examples for teens?

Interest level: Swifts music is popular with listeners of all ages but it seems that many of her most dedicated fans are teens.

Challenge Issues: While Taylor Swift does talk about romance she does so in a way that is appropriate for listeners of all ages and is very popular, and well reviewed.

Why is it included?: Taylor Swift is popular among listeners of all ages but seems to especially appeal to teens. She also has a very positive public image and sets good examples for teens.

1989 (CD)

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