Seventeen (Magazine)

Cover Art from:
Cover Art from:

(2015, March 1). Seventeen.

Magazine Description: This is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle magazine that also features some celebrity interviews. The magazine also features articles about the real experiences of teens and some health and fitness tips.

Critical Evaluation: I specifically looked at the March 2015 issue that featured Meghan Trainor on the cover. Her interview was one of the cover stories but the magazine also featured an article with outfit ideas for different styles and body types, the true story of a girl whose boyfriend was embarrassed to be dating her because she was plus sized, spring break confessions, and how to stop monthly breakouts. The magazine also featured monthly articles like a pull out section with a quick workout plan and healthy drinks and a section on embarrassing true stories. Overall I noticed in this issue there was a lot of body positivity. Meghan Trainor discussed the importance of being comfortable in your body in her interview and the article about the girl whose boyfriend was embarrassed by her ended with her dumping him for not treating her right. The magazine also showed clothing and makeup for a variety of different personal styles, body types and budgets which sets it apart from magazines that only a few looks that are all created with designer clothes and makeup. Overall this magazine came across as more accessible for teens they would be able to more easily find something that fits their personal style and budget.

Reader’s Annotation: This magazine has clothing and makeup looks that you can really achieve yourself as well as cool interviews and fun and funny confessions from real teens.

Booktalk Ideas: 1) Do you think this magazine has a positive message about body image and why?

2) What would you do if someone you had a crush on wanted to be with you but not let anyone else know?

Reading Level & Interest Level: This is another magazine that is very clearly for teens. I think this magazine is also more practical to teen interests featuring clothes and makeup at a variety of price points and in multiple styles and for different body types. The magazine also features true stories from real teens.

Challenge Issues: There are some mentions of teens hooking up however their are no descriptions of exactly what they are doing and this is a very small part of the magazine. Overall the magazine sends a positive message about being comfortable with who you are. The magazine is also very popular with teens.

Why is it included?: I thought that this magazine was a more practical beauty and fashion magazine and liked that it included positive messages about being comfortable with who you are.

Seventeen (Magazine)

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