Sports Illustrated (Magazine)

Cover Art from:
Cover Art from:

(2015, June 8). Sports Illustrated.

Magazine Description: This magazine is all about sports and profiles different sporting events and athletes. The magazine covers all different types of sports including baseball, basketball, soccer, football, golf, as well as sports like BMX biking.

Critical Evaluation: I specifically examined the May 8 2015 issue of Sports Illustrated. This issue featured four of the women from the women’s United States soccer team on the cover. Inside the magazine featured a large article on Abby Wambach as well as smaller profiles of every women on the team. The magazine also featured other information about the Women’s World Cup including their predictions of which teams would advance each round. The magazine also included articles on the FIFA scandal including a factual article and an op ed style piece that discussed how the United States taking legal action against FIFA showed that the country finally cares about soccer. The magazine also featured articles on other sports including  long articles on basketball and horse racing’s Triple Crown. There were also shorter articles like an article on BMX biking that included workout and training tips and an article composed of charts and graphics providing information on major league baseball.  Many of the articles were short and to the point and used graphics or pictures to provide more information about the topic. The magazine has a good balance of having a few in depth looks and other quick reads so readers can stay up to date on several different sports with ease.

Reader’s Annotation: Keep up on all the action in the world of sports with Sports Illustrated.

Booktalk Ideas: 1) What do you think of the FIFA situation?

2) Do you agree with the magazine’s predictions of what will happen in the Women’s World Cup?

Reading Level & Interest Level: This magazine is not specifically written for teens but many teens still read it. I think libraries could potentially benefit from ordering two copies of the magazine one to shelf in the teen periodicals and one to shelf in the main collection.

Challenge Issues: Some people may object to having this magazine in the teen section due to the swimsuit issue however most of the year the magazine is completely dedicated to sports. The magazine is popular among teen sports enthusiasts and they should not be denied the access to the latest sports information because of an issue the magazine publishes once a year.

Why is it included?: I wanted to include one magazine for adults that still held a lot of appeal to teens. This was shelved in the main collection at my local library but I remember seeing class mates read it when I was in high school .

Sports Illustrated (Magazine)

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