Teen Vogue (Magazine)

Cover Art from: teenvogue.com
Cover Art from: teenvogue.com

Magazine Description: This magazine is focused on fashion, beauty and celebrities. The magazine regularly features fashion spreads, style guides, beauty guides and celebrity interviews.

Critical Evaluation: I specifically looked at the May 2015 issue of Teen Vogue which featured Kylie Jenner on the cover and was a music special. The magazine features a lot of fashion and beauty tips this month they covered topics including tropical print clothes and accessories, and Korean beauty products. The magazine is packed full of advertisements including ads that are designed to look like they are part of the magazine. It is hard to tell the articles from the ads at times because many of the articles are also designed to sell products like the previously mentioned Korean beauty article that shows a picture of the products then lists the names of the products and their prices but does not give much other cometary on why these products were chosen. The magazine does feature some interesting interviews they have the cover interview with Kylie Jenner as well as a shorter interview with musician Cody Simpson. As part of the music special the magazine features photo spreads featuring musicians as the models and a festival season inspired makeup looks.

Reader’s Annotation: Get fashion and beauty tips along with fun interviews from your favorite celebrities?

Booktalk Ideas: 1) Which fashion and beauty looks from the magazine would you actually emulate and which looks are too over the top?

2) What did you think of the interview with Kylie Jenner did it change your opinion of her or her family at all?

Reading Level & Interest Level: This magazine is clearly written for teens many of the articles come across as being more aimed at younger teens while the fashion and beauty tips seem more geared toward older teens with more spending money.

Challenge Issues: This magazine does not contain much substance and some people may object to how much advertising is featured in the magazine. It is however very popular and does not contain inappropriate material so it remains a fun choice for teens looking to relax.

Why is it included?: I included this because it has been a popular teen magazine for a while now and remains a staple of teen magazines.

Teen Vogue (Magazine)

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