I have not been active on this blog in a long time but I’m back. This blog was originally created to post reviews and assignments for the work I was doing while earning my Masters in Library Science at SJSU. I have since graduated but not yet been hired as a librarian, instead I have been acting as a caretaker for my grandmother. I’ve recently began thinking more about my future career goals and decided that resurrecting this blog would be a good way to keep myself accountable for staying up to date on relevant information in the youth services library community. I will definitely be posting book reviews again as well as less formal book lists, musing on children’s and YA literature, and potentially even expand into some posts about early childhood literacy and programing for children with different physical and learning abilities. I have a passion for ensuring the library is seen as a welcoming place for all the children in the community they serve, though I’m not yet sure exactly what I would write about meeting that goal. Overall I hope I can make this blog an interesting and informative place and become more proactive in keeping myself well informed.


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