The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Movie)

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The hitchhikers guide to galaxy [Motion picture]. (2005). Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

Plot Summary: When Vorgons come to destroy earth Ford Prefect hitches a ride on their ship to save himself and his friend Arthur Dent. The duo soon meets up with The President of the Galaxy, Zaphod, and the only other Earthling in the galaxy, Trillian, on a quest to find Magrathea and a mysterious weapon on its surface. The four companions and a depressed robot then get into a huge shoot out with the Vorgons who are trying to save Zaphod from his kidnapper who happens to be himself. The movie ends when they triumph over the Vorgons, restore earth, Trillian and Arthur fall in love and the whole gang heads off to the Restaurant at the end of the universe.

Critical Evaluation: The movie greatly differs from the book. The Vorgons play a much larger role in the movie than they do in the book. The mysterious weapon in the movie is not in the book and neither is Arthur and Trillian’s romance. Some people like the changes and some do not overall they for the most part do not change the overall madcap tone of the story. Adding the romance between Trillian and Arthur is the exception as it changes the overall tone a little with Arthur becoming less isolated. The science fiction inventions in the book and movie really bring the movie to life. Throughout the movie Arthur refers to the guide to learn more about the galaxy which helps make the setting more vivid and interesting. There is a lot of detail throughout the movie that brings the weirdness of the galaxy to life.

Viewer’s Annotation: When the earth is destroyed Arthur Dent one of the most ordinary human beings ever to have lived must learn to navigate the galaxy.

Genre: Science Fiction

Discussion Ideas: 1) Have you read the book and if so how do you think it compares to the movie?

2) The movie features a lot of crazy technology what device would you most like to have?

Movie rating & Interest Level: This movie is rated PG so there is no worry about its appropriateness. The humor will appeal to teens and the book the movie is based on is a classic for teens.

Challenge Issues: I can’t think of any challenge issues for this movie.

Why is it included?: I love The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy both the book and the movie and think this is a great fun movie for teens.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Movie)